Joyce, James, 1934

“Baskerville, title in Weiss initials, with enlarged U, retouched and a trifle condensed. Same for part titles on pg 1, 54, 596.

“Probably the best known design I ever made. Used by Merle Armitage in a slide film to indicate break with tradition. Jacket shown by Museum of Modern Art to connote influence of Mondrian—imagined. Originally designed for a 6×9 book, the 5 ½ x 8 volume is a bit cramped. The dummy (in the originally projected size) is in the Columbia Rare Book Collection.

“The first thing to be changed was the removal of my name from the jacket. Then the jacket itself was replaced by one by E. McKnight Kauffer. When the book was issued as a Giant Modern Library volume, the title page was redone and has never been restored. Then the book was presumably reset, but the full page part titles are—at this writing in 1973—still in place.

“This book is now a classic; classics generally do not remain in their original format. ‘Ulysses’, in this respect at least, is no exception.”