Schulberg, Budd, 1950

[inscribed by author]

“The inscription is too flattering, but the image of drowning which the title page evokes comes right out of the novel which is supposed to be about the last days of Scott Fitzgerald. This is a Book-of-the-Month Club copy with the title in black only; the regular trade edition has a title page in 2 colors: the dark blue ‘disenchanted’ being drowned in a flowing black river. ‘Why don’t you make the liquid blue?’ one of my students once asked. ‘Because he did not drown in water,’ I replied.

“Saxe Commins deleted the last line of the Wellesley song on p 354 as too shocking when the B-O-M adoption came through—which shocked me. The design of the spine had been more interesting before Robert Haas toned it down.”

The Disenchanted