Billing, Graham, 1966
AIGA 50 Books for 1967
“There was not much we (Vicki Dudley and I) could do since the type, flawless as it was, had to be used from the British book, but I thought of replacing the chapter number with a row of penguins in easy company and conversation with each other, then eliminating all but one for Chapter 1, pick another two for ch. 2, another three for ch. 3, until at the end all twelve were chatting and gesturing with each other. Vicki’s first drawing of the penguins was too cheerful and amusing, but then she got into the right spirit and made a genuinely beautiful and heartrending drawing. It changed the whole tone of the novel from the cold British edition, and the last of the penguins made a really tragic front cover.

“The author and the editor were touched by our interpretation, as their letters testify, and the AIGA selected the book for the ’50.’”

Forbush and the Penguins